Investigating Communities of Practice to enhance STEM learning

How can Communities of Practice exploit UMI technologies to enhance STEM learning?

ECSCW 2017 – Day 1!

I've had a great first day here at ECSCW in Sheffield! I attended a Masterclass this morning on Participatory Design and it was very interesting. It will be helpful for my project going forward. Here are a few pictures from... Continue Reading →


Reflective Journals from CIT Enterprise Camp 2017

Reflective Journal - Day 1 Understanding of the prototyping concepts: Group 7   It was hard to tell whether this group didn’t understand the concepts or if they were just too lazy or not interested to get involved. They were... Continue Reading →

My recommendations for the Winter Camp

Recommendations for the Winter Camp: Following the Enterprise Camp last week and taking into account the reflections I made, I have compiled a list recommendations I think we should take into account when organising the Winter Camp in December/January: Learning:... Continue Reading →

Poster Presentation ECSCW 2017

I will present the following poster at the Doctorial Consortium and the Poster Presentation at ECSCW 2017 next week in Sheffield. Following the conference I will write a reflection post which I will publish here describing my experience and what... Continue Reading →

PhD Update & Next Steps

Below is an update of the work I have completed over the past 2/3 weeks: ECSCW 2017 I created the first draft of my poster which I will finish today and send to print this afternoon. Enterprise Camp Along with... Continue Reading →

Early Analysis of Coderdojo Interviews

According to Wenger, McDermott & Snyder [4], there are 7 design principles for maintaining a COP: Design for Evolution Open a dialogue between inside and outside perspectives Invite different levels of participation Develop both public and private community spaces Focus... Continue Reading →

Doctorial Consortium Paper – ECSCW 2017

My Doctorial Consortium as part of ECSCW 2017 has recently been published in the EUSSET Digital Library: How can Communities of Practice and UMI technologies support and enhance STEM learning

Outcomes from Skype call with Trevor

Review form of analysis used for semi-structured interviews (i.e. grounded analysis and content analysis) Review CoP definition - does it fit the Coderdojo after I have conducted the interviews? The 10 Communities can be part of the next study I... Continue Reading →

PhD Update – Tuesday June 27th

COP Case Study - Coderdojo Investigation: Conducted and transcribed eight interviews with Coderdojo Champions/Mentors throughout Cork I have a further two interviews to conduct and transcribe over the next two weeks Analyse the interviews against the COP Matrix and using... Continue Reading →

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