Investigating Communities of Practice to enhance STEM learning

How can Communities of Practice exploit UMI technologies to enhance STEM learning?

Work Plan: Nov 21-25th 2017

Tuesday Nov 21st: Write reflection documents following the iHCI conference and the Tangible Interaction Module (9-10am) Write a summary report of the teacher meeting I attended last Thursday (10-12noon) Write up a draft of the abstract and procedure & methodology... Continue Reading →


Work Plan: Nov 13-19th 2017

My work plan for the week ahead is as follows: Monday November 13th: Create a list of the general findings from the interview analysis Make a list of project topics from Coderdojo and relate back to STEM or STEAM Discuss... Continue Reading →

Work Plan: November 7th – 12th

Tuesday November 7th: Complete my PhD Project Progress Review Document - email to Sarah & supervisors for feedback Complete my 15-minute presentation for Project Review on Nov 20th Create one slide to represent my PhD and write one minute 'speech'... Continue Reading →

PhD Progress Meeting – Monday November 6th

I have been working on the analysis of my Coderdojo interviews over the past few weeks and below is the feedback I received from Trevor and Kieran during today's meeting. I have also included a plan of action for the... Continue Reading →

PhD Progress Meeting – Oct 24th

Actions following today's progress meetings with Trevor: Continue working on my Coderdojo Paper Look at examples of Meta Review Papers; look at how they are structured and how they present the work Then form a 'skeleton' for my paper -... Continue Reading →

ICL 2017 – Paper Presentation Review

On Thursday last I presented a paper at the ICL (Teaching and Learning in a Digital World) 2017 Conference in Budapest. The paper was called "A Design Framework for Interdisciplinary Communities of Practice towards STEM Learning in 2nd Level Education"... Continue Reading →

Nimbus Centre Creates Prototyping Camp for TY Students

Towards the end of the summer, researchers from the Nimbus Centre conducted a prototyping workshop with a group of forty-seven transition year students. Working in collaboration with CIT Enterprise Camp, a series of session took place over the course of... Continue Reading →

ICL Conference 2017

I will be attending ICL2017 – Teaching and Learning in a Digital World which will be held in Budapest on September 27-29th 2017. I will be presenting a paper on the Thursday afternoon on behalf of my supervisor Kieran Delaney... Continue Reading →

Content-analysis Research

The most recent paper I have read is "Why STEM Learning Communities Work: The Development of Psychosocial Learning Factors Through Social Interaction". STEM learning communities help students to succeed academically and persistence in science disciplines. Learning Communities are organized academic... Continue Reading →

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