After identifying the key words/phrases in the CoP literature for defintions and maintenance of CoPs, I realised that there were some crossovers between each them when categorised into Domain, Practice and Community – words that both were used to define and maintain CoPs.

Rough diagrams of the crossovers can be seen below:


The words:

  • problem
  • shared
  • engagement &
  • evolution

occured in both sets of literature.

domain crossover


The words:

  • interaction/collaboration
  • participation
  • peripherary
  • joint enterprise
  • active

occurred in both sets of literature.

community crossover


The words

  • knowledge
  • share
  • tools
  • repetoire
  • tools

occurred in both sets of literature

Practice crossover

The next steps include working towards including these words in to a defintion of CoPs – why are they important? what do they mean? what should they be included in the defintion?