Fig 1.0 – A first draft of my PhD poster, explaining my project, research questions and the research area.

Following a meeting with my supervisor Kieran today, he had the following recommendations for progressing my poster:

  • instead of one poster, he suggests that I break it up into 3 or 4 –
    • Abstract/Research Approaches
    • UMI Technologies
    • Communities of Practice & Online environments
  • Reduce the amount of text, simplify the text so that a student of 15 years of age or younger can understand the language – use one liners that are large in font size, can be read from far away and are easy to understand
  • Introduce imagery and a lot of it – simplify the diagrams used in the CoP deliverable, create my own imagery, use images that are copyright for reuse
  • simplify the title of the poster to get the idea across but again in a simpler language
  • link dominant themes between my poster and sarah poster with the use of similar colours and shapes
  • add a banner at the bottom of each poster to declare who is funding the project – this has to be present on all posters