I attended the UMI Project meeting in CIT on Thursday October 27th and Friday October 28th and there were some very interesting points made and discussions had, especially on the topic of communities of practice and this makes up a large portion of my PhD.

Communities of Practice

The point was made that we need to base CoPs on teachers because they are the one stakeholder in a CoP who will never leave – companies come and go – students enter the CoP when they are in school and they leave when they are finished – however they may re-join the CoP in the future as a professional, either as a teacher or as a company employee/management etc. This provides me with more questions to ask the teachers and it also poses the question how do we make a CoP last over time?

We need to learn more about teachers for the formation of CoPs – what do they forsee happening in the future teaching of STEM topics in schools? What will the reality be in 5-10 years? What do we need to do?


In terms of promoting STEM and UMI Careers, we need to contact career consultants and companies to see what skills and qualities they are looking for? What skills are they lacking? Is there a shortage or will there be a shortage of skills/staff in 5 years? Where do they see the industry going?


Regarding UMI – What are the needs to the market? What are the core set of competencies to pursue a UMI Career?

The Survey

We never discussed the survey document as a group and we will not be meeting again for a project meeting until June 2017 and this probably would have been useful.